Best Large wall decor ideas for living room

In your living room, there isn’t any question of leaving your walls bare and empty of decoration. With some nails, decent ideas and a slight imagination, the facades of the living room assert their personality in style. Here check the large wall decor ideas for living room.

Usage of copper mirrors for a fashionable touch in living room

With their amber and coppery shades, these hexagonal mirrors set in stunned rows on the living room wall are suggestive of the honeycombs found in apiaries.

If the wall decor for big wall in living room stays calm and motivated by the Scandinavian style, it stays agreeable thanks to the unobtrusive tokens of the colors of the mirrors on the cushions, the light wooden table and the hanging flower pots.

Gathering of frames over the sofa in the living room

living room wallsGreat, however immortal, the amassing of frames holding tight the walls of the living room have its little impact.

Orchestrated in a cluttered manner over the sofa, these artistic paintings give a holy character to the walls of the living room left uncovered.

The couple of touches of shading present in the illustrations stir the stylistic layout of the living room loaded with soberness.

Nature resumes its rights on the walls of the living room

In this bohemian and gypsy spirit living room, hanging flower pots have been hung above the sofa, like a plant mobile.

Different shapes and sizes, each vase contain a precise plant, thus highlighting the red color brick wall in an exclusive way.

A wall decoration 100% recovered in the living room

In this light-colored Scandinavian living room, the white walls lacked warmth and personality. To remedy this, a DIY accessory, simple to make, was placed there. A couple of boards of raw wood and a light garland use to be sufficient to make this unique decorative item.

Corner shelves to improve the corners of the living room

In the event that you have a little living room and your objective is to enhance the space and not lose a solitary centimeter, choose the corner wall shelves!

Notwithstanding being pragmatic, they likewise have the value of being stylish.

Selected in a similar shade as the wall on which they stand, the shelves mix into the decor, giving the illusion that the articles set there are coasting.

Bohemian atmosphere on the living room walls

This rest area installed in a corridor with large windows gives off an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. It is in this same lounge and bohemian spirit that the wall decoration was chosen.

To decorate the walls with room, wall art ideas, a painting representing a misty landscape was hung. On the window side, a light garland and a macramé plant suspension complete this gypsy look.