Tips to Style Your Home with Books

Regardless of color, style or size, the bookcase models can be the ideal compliments for any well-organized and well-decorated environment. The paperback bookcase are functional and versatile elements.

Whether to put the travel adornments, to leave the authentic and super personalized environment, to accommodate books, always leaving them at your fingertips, or for both functions, it is the furniture that you are missing!

Check out these ideas to turn the most varied models of shelves into the highlight of the environment.

Minimalist bookcase models

Minimalist decor is an interior design style home with books that is always on the rise. Representing all sophistication and elegance, spaces with this concept explore simplicity, spaciousness, straight lines and good choices for furniture that will complement the decor.


Transform sculptures, objects and decorative vases into bookcases, as well as keeping them organized in the various models of bookshelves, they also serve to decorate it in the reading corner, especially horizontal bookshelves.

Room divider

Some models of bookshelves can be used as decorative elements and space demarcates in integrated environments, such as, for example, hall and living room.

Opt for hollow shelves, decorated with light pieces, that can delimit spaces in a sophisticated way.

Executive bookcase models

For an executive environment, organization is indispensable. For this reason, having a lot of space to store books, file folders and important documents always in view is required. In these cases, the best shelf models are the most imposing and exquisite.

How to organize the multi-colored bookcase?

decorationWhoever wants to dare in a modern and super stripped interior design, should take some precautions when using many colors.

An element that can help you a lot in this style of decoration are the models of multicolored shelves.

This piece of furniture is capable of making a difference in the environment and taking you out of monotony in the blink of an eye.

To organize your bookcase and make your decor even more multicolored, bet on fun decorative objects and leave the space even more stripped.

Multifunctional decoration

For a functional decoration, all you need is functional furniture, isn’t it? Lower shelf models can function as sideboards, supporting objects of daily use, such as keys or wallets, or they can be decorated with paintings, candles, frames and floral arrangements.

Custom style

Invest in details to decorate the various models of shelves with originality: miniatures, photos, ceramics and other decorative objects serve both to compose the look of the furniture and to portray the personality of the user.

Mobile for the home office

The models of shelves for home office deserve special attention in their compositions, as they serve both to organize personal and decorative objects in one place.

Distribute books and work materials evenly and take the opportunity to decorate the open spaces with items capable of showing the personality of those who use the environment.